Monday, 10 September 2012

Fill the Hole

 I caught up with Inge Beckmann and Sasha Raghini at Oppikoppi for a little chat about Beast, who, by the way, delivered a knock-out performance at the festival on the Thursday night. 

They don't have any music videos out yet, but I've included a live recording of one of their rehearsals at Kill City Blues in Cape Town. 

PHOTO: Henno Kruger

You’ve survived day one of Oppikoppi. What survival tip would you give to festival goers?
Inge: Take a nap.
Sasha: Bring some wet wipes. Your face gets dirty. Sun cream, shorts, a time machine.
Inge: You need a sense of humour in the dust.
Sasha: Oh, a dust mask is very important.

How did the collaboration of Beast come about?
Sasha: Well, there’s two stories in a way. One of them is that Louis and Rian were just chatting, and they were like, “Hey, why don’t we start a band with two basses?” They approached me because we all know each other from Kill City Blues, the rehearsal studio. I started jamming with them and then we were like, “Wouldn’t it be cool if we could get Inge on vocals?” and we were like, “Let’s try, let’s try!” and then she accepted and the rest is history. A very short history.

To what extent is the music you are making as Beast influenced by the other bands you guys are in?
Inge: I don’t think it sounds like any of the other bands we are in.
Sasha: I think the only influence is that we are all musicians so we have our core influences of artists that we respect but it’s not really the same at all.

Why did you decide to use the two bass guitars instead of the standard guitar and bass?
Inge: That was Rian and Louis, really. They both play bass. Rian plays rhythm and Louis plays lead. Louis plays slightly higher ‒ he’s got a bit of a shorter bass which he plays through a guitar amp.

Do you think being in bands that are already quite well-established has made it easier to start off as Beast?
Inge: I think in a sense, definitely. If you are already in the circuit, in a semi-noted project, people follow you and like you, then the chances of them listening to you are higher.
Sasha: Also, being in other bands you get to learn the mistakes that other bands make as well. Like the ones bands make in the beginning, you get to learn quite fast, you know?

Do you guys have any plans to record an album any time soon?
Sasha: Ja, we’re recording in about three weeks. An EP.
Inge: We’re very excited about that.
Sasha: It’s about five or six songs.

Do you have a planned release date?
Sasha: Not yet.
Inge: Well, it will be nice to do it before the end of the year. That would be great.
Sasha: We’re excited to get it out.

What acts are you looking forward to seeing here at Oppikoppi?
Inge: I’m going to miss all the international acts, which sucks, but I’m definitely going to check out P.H.fat tonight and Haezer. Ja, a little bit of dance.
Sasha: Jeremy Loops. Diplo as well.

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