Wednesday, 28 March 2012

OppiKoppi 2012: Sweet Thing

Yes! OppiKoppi 2012's theme was announced today. Taken from a Van Morrisson song that was covered by The Waterboys, this year's theme is Sweet Thing. 
The Oppikoppi people commissioned fine artist, Gavin Rain, to come up with an image that would be used as source material. They then got the folks from to work their graphic design magic and voilà, this wonderful poster was born. 

Tickets are R700 on the OppiKoppi Facebook page (or R750 on but Standard Bank youth portal has said  that they will subsidise every ticket bought from them ( to the value of R150. In other words,  you only pay R600.
Keep an eye out as I update you on all the Oppi news that you'll need to know. 
Yay! Now I'm excited!

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