Sunday, 31 March 2013

April's Mixtape

I started this monthly feature in January and then I kind of forgot about it.


So, I'm asking you to forget that I forgot and listen to April's mixtape.


1. alt-J feat. Mountain Man- Buffalo
2. Jake Bugg- Two Fingers  
3. Paul Banks- The Base  
4. Future Islands- Cotton Flower  
5. Shotgun Tori- These Birds  
6. The Hollow Man- Old Adam  
7. Gateway Drugs- Summer Time featuring Fuck You  
8. Spoegwolf- Loerie  
9. Christian Tiger School- Third Floor  
10. Iron and Wine- Upward Over The Mountain  
11. Theophilus London- Calypso Blues Theophilus London - Calypso Blues by TheophilusLondon  

12. Imperial Mammoth- Requiem On Water

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