Monday, 23 July 2012

Holiday in Instagrams

If you aren't the biggest fan of Instagram, you're really going to hate it (and me) after this post. I went down to Natal last week to visit my dear friend Marina. Here's a few of the Instagrams I snapped along the way. We spent our time in Durban, Kokstad, Margate and Port Shepstone. What fun. Made it so difficult to go back to uni today, especially when you wake up to a car's flat battery. Meh. 

The sun setting over Durban on our first night.
Rain clouds cradling the city
The sun setting on the beach in Margate.
Passing all the man-made forests on the way to Port Shepstone.
On the way to Kokstad, a little town in the middle of nowhere.
Driving on the way back from Matat. Even smaller than Kokstad. Didn't think that was possible.

Macaroon time thanks to Gloria Jean's. Caramel and pecan nut flavour. Best.

Fortune cookie after a day spent at China Mall in Durban. Always interesting.

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