Monday, 30 July 2012

Hazel Food Market. Again.

On Saturday morning my mumsie, Christi and I ambled around the Hazel Food Market in the warm winter sun looking at all the mouthwatering food on offer, wondering how we could convert our stomachs into a bottomless pit to fit it all in. I settled on a Moroccan cauliflour and Edam cheese soup and a mojito, which might I add was probably the best mojito I have ever had. I have also come to the conclusion that I must have been Indian in my previous life because man, oh man, do I love Indian food, hence the packet of samoosas below.
If you're keen to visit The Hazel Food Market, it is open every Saturday from 9am-2pm and is situated in the Greenlyn Village Centre in Menlo Park. Warning: Go on a two day fast beforehand to make room for the feast that awaits you. Your stomach will thank you.

Hey cutie, if you ever get sick of your owners you can totally bunk with me.

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