Friday, 5 August 2011

Santorini in a nutshell

Isn't this just the cutest stray cat that you ever did see? Greece isn't famous for its stray cats for nothing. If I lived in Santorini, I would probably become that old woman with all the cats. Alas, I have social worker tendencies.   

Poor Christi's caldera dreams were crushed when she was told that it's quite a mission to get to her geographical bliss. Sorry kid, we'll just have to go back to Santorini so that you can go to your caldera. It's that simple.

Musicians on the street. Boy, were they good. 

A typical rooftop restaurant. Awesome to watch the sunset from. 

The Cousins minus one. We missed you, Minus One. 

The lack of pictures of Santorini is due to the fact that by the time we got there everyone was pretty exhausted and getting a bit on each other's nerves. Bound to happen. Ha. Santorini has a lot to live up to (Gossip Girl fans: didn't Serena let loose in Santorini one summer?). In my opinion it was slightly too commercialized, but golly it was incredibly beautiful. I really do think that someone very smart (Hint: Steven) should invent a time travelling machine. Something along the lines of Back To The Future if you catch my drift. Then I could go back and bask in the sun while contemplating life. That would be very nice indeed.

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