Monday, 1 August 2011

I want to go back to Rhodes. Now.

 I adore Greece. And not only because I'm Greek. It has a natural, untouched beauty. The white washed walls and the serene aquamarine and royal blue sea look like a scene on a postcard. The people are exceptionally friendly, something my mom says has changed since she was last there a few decades ago. And the food. Ah, the glorious food. I went to  Greece with a list of my favourites that I simply had to indulge in. Tzatziki, pita bread, dolmades, spanakopita, tiropita, fasolada, yemista, baklava, revani, and loukoumi. The list could go on forever and ever. I love the fact that I got the opportunity to speak the language that I suffered through years of Greek School to learn (Greek school and greek dancing really were the bane of my existence back in the day). I hope my grandparents are proud. In short, Greece felt like home.
We stayed in Lindos during our visit to Rhodes. This is the Bastion, which contains the Rhodes Acropolis. You can take a trip up there on a donkey. I felt sorry for the poor asses, so I declined. I would have preferred to walk up but alas, I was told that I would die of heat if I attempted it. Boo hoo. 

Orange juice to quench your thirst, anyone?

Most of the paths and even the floors in restaurants and shops are made of these pebbles. They are surprisingly smooth (and sometimes even slippery). Loved it. 

Even though this picture doesn't illustrate it, the beaches in Rhodes consist of pebbles. The type that you pay for in a scratch patch in South Africa. I spent a good while digging amongst the pebbles for a few pretty little treasures. 

Pink and white bouganvillas everywhere. One day when I have my own little garden, I want lots and lots of bouganvillas. 

Same scene as the first picture, but this time with the sun setting. It's like the sky is blushing. Hee.  

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