Friday, 29 July 2011

Rome, Part I : Piazza della Repubblica

This is the lovely Piazza della Repubblica. The fountain in the middle is the Fountain of Naiads

We stayed at the Hotel Patria, about a block away from here. I really wouldn't recommend this hotel to anyone. The decor is so awful that it leaves you in a permanent state of nausea. No jokes. And the shower in my room was clogged for the first two days. My shower routine was as follows: Shampoo hair. Turn tap off. Let water drain. Rinse hair. Turn tap off. Let water drain. Condition hair. Turn tap off. Let water drain. You get the picture. Then on the last day the shower started leaking and I was left in a mad scramble for every towel I could get my hands on to avoid flooding the bathroom. Also not the friendliest staff either. Summary of this paragraph: don't stay at the Hotel Patria. 
In the Piazza della Repubblica is the Basilica of Santa Maria degli Angeli e dei Martiri. It really doesn't look like much from the street but once you go in, it really is awe-inspiring. The one and only Michaelangelo was the architect who designed this church. 


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