Saturday, 22 December 2012

I may not have the beach, but at least I have Beatenberg

With the dust having settled over Mangaung, spending the weekend in a newsroom has been pretty boring. I've been listening to a bit of Beatenberg, a sweet little pop band from Cape Town. They're making me wish that I was part of the mass of migrating Gautengers who are enjoying their holidays at the sea. I can't wait for the chance to haul out my summer dresses and slops and spend the day on the beach, slathering on sunscreen to avoid looking more and more like a lobster (alas, I wasn't blessed with the olive skin Greek genes). If you are sojourning at the sea, I do hope you are having a marvelous time. If you're stuck at home, listen to some Beatenberg and you'll feel like you're there in a minute. Promise.

Where to find Beatenburg:

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