Sunday, 26 February 2012


I love words. I love how they sound. I love how when you put them all together, they tell a little story. Most of all, I love the pictures they are able to paint in your imagination.
As much as I adore words, there is just no way that I could sufficiently describe Friday night for you unless you were there, so I apologize in advance. Yesterday's Pupil got the crowd warmed up for Lark. I'd like to think of Peach van Pletzen as the King Midas of the South African music industry- everything he touches turns to gold. Yesterday's Pupil is no exception. Peach played his new song, 'The Beast', which features Tumi Molekane. What a remarkable collaboration. If you haven't downloaded the new Yesterday's Pupil, I suggest you get on it pronto by going here. It's all kinds of greatness.
Then it was time for Lark. Watching this band is something of an out of body experience. Paul Rez pounding on the drum reminds me of some sort of ancient tribal dance that Inge Beckmann joins in on. Her vocal range is just incredible. I looked around me to see the audience's reaction to the infectious music. It's like we were all part of a trance. Lark does that to you though. It's just mind-blowing. I walked out of Arcade Empire in a bit of a daze, not really knowing what to do with myself but smiling contently from ear to ear. What a show.

Peach van Pletzen- Yesterday's Pupil

Inge Beckmann- Lark

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