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MK Awards 2014: who should win, who will win & who got snubbed

MK may be off air but that doesn't mean the MK Awards are no longer. With the nominations announced today, it looks as if MK is doing things a bit differently this year. Categories like Best Group, Best Solo, Best SFX/Animation, Best Dance, Best Rock and Best Indie have been scrapped, while new categories like Album of the Year, Best Music Video Under R15k, and Best Afrikaans Group have been added. I'm happy about the inclusion of Album of the Year but I'm afraid that without the genre categories, some really great musicians will get looked over.

Below is a list of the nominees as well as who I think should win, will win and who got snubbed in each category.

Best Live Act: 

Van Coke Kartel
Zebra & Giraffe
Desmond & The Tutus
Jeremy Loops
PH Fat

Who should win: It's a tough one. Bittereinder pay an enormous amount of detail to their live shows with spellbounding visuals and Peach and Louis always sporting fun masks. On the other hand, Jeremy Loops has developed a following that makes every one of his performances super special as the crowd sings and dances along. If either of them win, I'll be happy.

Who will win: Van Coke Kartel. They've taken the award home twice before and they have a throng of dedicated fans that will make sure they get enough votes to win.

Who got snubbed: As last year's Best Newcomer, Gangs of Ballet have developed a phenomenal live show. Brad Klynsmith is also an incredibly charismatic front man.

Album of the Year: 

Gangs of Ballet- Yes/No/Grey
Shortstraw- Good Morning, Sunshine
The Plastics- Pyramid
Bittereinder- Die Dinkdansmasjien
Taxi Violence- Soul Shake

Who should win: Bittereinder. Die Dinkdansmasjien is magical.

Who will win: With their popular appeal, I think Shortstraw will take this one.

Who got snubbed: Nakhane Toure. His debut album, Brave Confusion, is one of my favourite of the year.

Best Newcomer:

Al Bairre
Matthew Mole
Michael Lowman
Die Skynmaagde
Bye Beneco

Who should win: Matthew Mole.

Who will win: Matthew Mole. It's a no-brainer. Although I wouldn't mind if Al Bairre takes it too. [Side note: keep an eye out for Bye Beneco in 2014. I predict great things from them.]

Who got snubbed: Nakhane Toure. I'm a fan. Can you tell?

Best Festival:

Up The Creek
Rocking The Daisies

Who should win: It's tricky to say because I didn't go to all these festivals. I'm guessing Oppikoppi, though.

Best Music Video:

Van Coke Kartel ft. Jack Parow- Chaos
Bicycle Thief- Goodbye Ian Curtis
Haezer ft Tumi- Troublemaker
The Plastics- Best Pretenders
PH Fat- House of Clashes
Wrestlerish- Battleground
Shortstraw- Waterworks
Bittereinder- Kwaad Naas

Who should win: I love the animation used in The Plastics's Best Pretenders but for me, Haezer and Tumi's Troublemaker is the most memorable.

Who will win: Everything Van Coke Kartel touches turns to gold. Add Jack Parow to the mix and I'd be surprised if anybody else stands a chance.

Who got snubbed: I think MK has it covered.

Best music video under R15 000:

Al Bairre- We Move On
Bye Beneco- On The Line
Moving House- Tongue in Cheek
The Plastics- Occasional Lies
Desmond & The Tutus- The Future

Who should win: Bye Beneco. On The Line is a splendidly trippy video.

Who will win: Al Bairre. Have you seen how many YouTube hits We Move On has gotten?

Who got snubbed: Nakhane Toure's video for Fog. It's like a piece of performance art.

Best Afrikaans Group:

Van Coke Kartel
Jack Parow
Die Skynmaagde
Dans Dans Lisa
Die Heuwels Fantasties

Who should win: I'm a bit confused by this category. It's not as if Afrikaans bands aren't allowed to be nominated in the other categories, so I'm not quite sure why they need one of their own. Van Coke Kartel are the most deserving, I rate.

Who will win: Jack Parow. His fans are formidable.

Who got snubbed: Bittereinder


The awards will take place on 15 February at the State Theatre in Pretoria.The public has from 9 December till 20 January to vote on MK's website or their Facebook page.

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