Sunday, 20 May 2012

This weekend

On Friday I was lucky enough to interview the lovely Zaki Ibrahim for Perdeby. She played at Arcade Empire alongside Reason with 37 & MPH as well as Tumi Molekane and Yesterday's Pupil. Tumi and Peach are, in my opinion, the most interesting collaboration around at the moment. At one point Peach was singing a piece from Bittereinder's  'Ware Verhaal' and Tumi was rapping. To see the two maestros sharing a stage was such a treat, especially when they performed 'The Beast' right at the end. 
And then there was Zaki Ibrahim, whose voice is rich and soulful. I love that every song is different and that her music is not confined to a specific genre. It's exciting and refreshing and has left me the most interested follower of her work. 

I really need to start taking my camera with me more often. I've gotten lazy because of my phone and the quality of my photos suffers. Apologies. 

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